Hey there, we are 7 Star SEO, an Adelaide SEO marketing company, and I’m sure you landed on this page because you are looking for a company with a proven track record that you can trust to get your website ranking on page 1 of Google. Well great news…….you have come to the right place! Our SEO Experts have ranked more than 500 websites and over 10,000 competitive keywords on search engines, such as Google, across not only Australia but across the planet.

More than 45% of all online activities go straight through Google and YouTube (owned by Google) on the way to the rest of the internet. If your website is not on page 1 of Google for your business, products, or services, then you are losing money to your competitors that rank ahead of you. You might be asking why do I need a SEO Expert? Because the internet, along with a smartphone (which is now in everyone’s hand), has replaced the white and yellow pages in all homes and businesses. Seriously when was the last time you used the yellow pages?…… and not just to increase the height of your computer monitor……that doesn’t count! Academic research indicates that 91% of searchers don’t go past page 1 of the search results and over 50% don’t go past the first 3 results on page 1.

So there are 2 main methods to increase traffic to your website:
1. Free or ‘Organic’ traffic and
2. Paid traffic (Google Adwords)

Our SEO specialists focus on increasing traffic to your site through the 1st method and in a way that is natural and how Google wants to see. This method allows your business to stay ranked on page 1 for a long period of time very affordably rather than dropping back when your Adword budget runs out.

Okay, so now that you know why you need 7 Star SEO marketing expertise, please allow us to assist you generate the increased sales you are looking for!

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